Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tired, sucking on coffee

This is a picture of TJ from the 4th. My Sister in Law took it. This is his latest "smile". If you ask him to smile for the camera, this is what you get. He's too funny.

I'm sucking on coffee this morning. Some days, this is one of them, I swear it's the only thing that actually keeps me going. I'm tired. 1 AM medicine doses Suck! It's why I'm exhausted today. I either stay up or I risk missing a dose. I'm ashamed to admit, I've done that.

Thank God it's only temporary and not a long term thing. I was giving doses at midnight - 2 AM all the time, but lately I've been giving the med early. My body has gotten used to being in bed by midnight.

Unfortunately anytime a dose is added into our day it measn I have to stay up and give a late dose of something. Last night was one of those nights. This morning I'm dragging.

I walked last night and pushed TJ in his stroller. I really walked, like sweat my ass off and was HOT! I am mean hot, you know that inner radiating heat that comes off you when you're really working. That was me. I feel good today, except for being tired. I have to try and get up there again today and do a double lap. I'm afraid I'm going to die trying. There are some monster hills.

Transplant games coming up. Getting nervous about being at the right places at the right times.

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Anonymous said...

When I clicked on your site and read... you just brought the floodgates open. I always wondered what it would really be like if he had made it. What kind of complications would he have? How long would he live? It just breaks my heart that such good people have to live every day worrying what will happen tomorrow. The only benefit to "our" lives as mom's of sick children is that we never take a day for granted. I hear people whine and cry about the most ignorant things their kids do. It drives me nuts. Just do your best to enjoy him every day and try to take a break for yourself when you can. Don't feel guilty. Just do it. You will be a better Mom. Hang in there, we're with you in spirit. Natalie de Mello