Thursday, December 4, 2008

What a crazy time...

I can't believe how long it's been since I wrote here. This last month has been so busy with day to day normal crap... I'm loving every minute of it. I'm realizing how much our lives really revolved around appointments, medicine, and blood work. Finally to have a break and enjoy normal things, it's a huge relief.

We're going a while between tests right now. I'm happy and scared. Happy because the doctors finally feel confident in TJ's health to go this long. Scared because we're really assuming A LOT of things are OK. But this is normal. Blood work and appointments weekly aren't. So I am assuming that over time I will get used to this too.

Is it odd that I still count respirations, check blood pressure, and monitor the amount of fluids he drinks? Maybe, but there is where I find my comfort. When all these things are OK, I know he's OK. I'm neurotic, but with purpose! Ha Ha, that makes it alright.

We're getting ready for Christmas here at The Wilson House. I'm holding out hope and faith that this will be a better Christmas and Winter than last year. Santa brought TJ a snow suit and snow boots last year, he never even had the chance to try them on. We were so sick after CHristmas and into the New Year, then into the hospital for the remainder of Winter.

This year Santa's bringing a sled, we're planning on using it every chance we get. We'll be the idiots out with a dusting trying to get our sled to go down a mini-slope! But one thing I've learned from all of this, you take advantage of whatever is put in front of you. Experience it all, because when no one's looking BAM! life kicks you, hard!

We go for blood work next week again. I get blood work too this time. I've spent so much time taking care of TJ that my own health gets pushed aside. So it's time to address that. First of the year I will be coming to terms with the fact that I've allowed my ass to get fatter and I'm using my son's health as an excuse. But I'm waiting til New Years... because that's just what we do. I will be starting back on WeWa, I do miss my chubby chat friends, and I will be walking so I can do some 5K's next summer.

Finally it feels as though I can pay attention to these things. It's taken a while but I hope we stay here. It's nice to feel normal and do normal things.