Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Feeling Stagnant


Our house is pretty much done, we've been moving little things in and switching over our address. It looks amazing, Randy really has done an amazing job.

There are so many things that I feel are up in limbo until we are actually finished. My job for one, my life for another, even TJ's life. There are things I find myself daily saying, when we get into our new house "____" will be different. I've been saying this all summer.

Where we've been just isn't big enough or allow us the living set up we need. TJ has no where to run or play in the house, and outside the yard isn't the best for a toddler.

TJ's been doing OK lately. Still having the poop issues, but that seems to be the story of our lives. They said that this is sometimes a problem with transplant kids, I would never have guessed.

We go for blood work again on tomorrow. Hopefully some things have improved, I'll feel better.

Again a reason why I don't want to start anything new, if TJ gets sick again I'll just have to stop. So much of my emotional state lies with his blood work. If any numbers are off my life spins for a few days. every little fart, cough, and burp is analyzed and I am all touchy about everything.

So there's a ton of things I need to be doing, I just am having a hard time finding my motivation. It's like I'm stuck in mud and can't get any momentum.

I'm trying to get motivated to clean... so far it's not working.

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