Monday, August 11, 2008

Change of schedule

So usually TJ goes to "sleep" around 10, which means it's 10:30 before I have "my time". I would spend a couple hours writing, reading, playing online, and catching up with stuff. I was usually in bed by 12:30 - 1:00 AM. TJ would be up around 7, take a morning bottle and go back to sleep for another hour or two.

It worked for me. I would get around 7 hours sleep and manage to get a shower before he got up for the day.

The last 3 days he has followed that schedule with ONE EXCEPTION, he doesn't go back to sleep. He is up for the day at 6:45. I'm dyin over here! Thank God for Maxwell House, that's all I can say.

I can tell you with this schedule, I am a CRANKY MOMMY. I try, but I find my patience is nil. I struggle all day.

So since this is day 3 of this new routine, I'm thinking Mommy is going to bed after TJ tonight. This chick can't stay up. I'm a little bummed, I liked my couple hours to myself at night.

I find I just don't ever have any other time to myself. I've always enjoyed having hobbies that were a great source of energy and creativity for me. They kept me motivated and probably helped keep me sane too.

Not sure how this new schedule is going to work for me. I'm hoping it's brief phase and he'll shift again in another week or so. Anyone with a toddler knows that things change all the time.

We've been battling his bottle addiction as well. When we're out and about I don't bring a baby bottle anymore. He has to use the sippy cup or nothing. The sippy cups have a rubber top, so it's kinda like a bottle, it's a good crossover. They're the ones we used when we were originally weaning him over. They worked well then, they seem to be helping now.

I almost wish I hadn't let the hospital give him the bottle back. Ever since he's been obsessed with the damn thing. I've come to hate the bottle. I mean truly dislike that stupid plastic containers. I'll put this in perspective, TJ will drink 2 qts of Cherry sugar free Kool-Aid out of bottles during the course of 1 day if I allowed him. He drinks over 80 oz a day, it is really too much.

With transplant kids fluid is a problem. If there is any rejection happening the fluid complicates everything. Rejection is a form of inflammation, fluid fills those inflammatory cells and soon you have rejection and fluid around the heart. Not a good thing.

So it's a balance. He needs enough to keep his kidneys happy and to stay hydrated with his chronic diarrhea, but too much and it could impair his heart function.

So battle the bottle we are. I can tell you with my lack of sleep his whining for the bottle is painful. It hurts me. I can't stand a whine to begin with, lack of sleep has me twitching. Not a pretty sight, I'll tell you.

You know over the last 3 or 4 days he's done a bunch of cute funny things that I keep saying, I'm going to Blog THAT. Now here I am, and I can't remember any of them. *sigh* I'd like to say that forgetting is a rare thing, unfortunately my memory as of late is very poor. I'm going to have to start carrying a book. Of course I'd lose the book.

I started Facebook, that's only minorly addictive. Holy Crap, I can't quit looking, poking, flairing, and sending Karma. Oh, and let's not forget the quizzes, the gardens, or the people searching.

I can't get anything done. Damn You Facebook!! *shaking fist in air*


Susan (aka Suba) said...

Yay, I get to see what Lori looks like!

What a difference a year makes, huh? I'm so glad your family is back together.

paige said...

Don't ya hate it when they don't?? Don't they know schedules are good?

Good Luck with the bottle thing. My first thoughts were his teeth, but with the fluid thing you were explaining makes it an entirly different animal.

LOL @ your Facebook addiction. I have to just NOT log in, because if I do I'm there for an hour!

Starunner said...

I just have to tell ya, Lori - I think you're the bomb!

Lori said...

thanks you guys.

Jessica (Earl) said...

My DS is almost 2 and he is addicted to his bottle as well.

We had some problems with seizures earlier this year and hospitals and DRs appointments, we gave him a bottle a few times and now he hooked. Good Luck!