Friday, August 1, 2008


Oh My God! TJ's Blood work wasn't bad, in fact it was pretty good. What a relief. I feel so much better. They aren't going to check blood work again until his appointment on the 21st. WOW, 3 weeks without needles. I don't know that we've ever gone that long. Really.

This morning we've got poop issues again. This is an ongoing cycle for us, it may always be, we're not sure. But at least the Imodium works, it's the juggling of it that is hard. I worry about giving too much, then we go the other way. But if I don't give enough, then we have issues.

Today is hot. I think I'm going to feed him and go running around. I have a couple errands to run and need to get to our house. I've got plants and flowers for the outside. It's finally looking more like a home, not just a house.

I'll be updating the folder with pics tonight, so if you're interested check back.

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Yasmin said...

woot, Woot! I'm glad you got good news on the blood!