Tuesday, August 19, 2008

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TJ the . . . JUMPING BEAN!!!

Yup, that's right. TJ is finally jumping, both feet off the ground pretending to be a frog jumping.

We've been so through the roof the last 24 hours. It's been something that he's struggled with and been a little behind on. It's strange to have him be behind in physical things because he's such a physical kid. He was always ahead before transplant, 6 months in a bed takes a toll on a body.

So he isn't graceful, and he's no Michael Jordan, but he does get himself up and off the ground. His landing needs some work, you can hear him jumping and landing. I'm thinking that isn't completely normal. He jumped in our kitchen/hallway doorway and Randy was coming up the basement steps, right next to where TJ was. (on the other side of the wall)

Randy was all excited when he looked around the corner, I asked him if he saw TJ jump, he said no, but I heard it. It's a kinda THUD sound.

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Starunner said...

I'm so happy he's jumping!!! I hope the novelty never wears off for you or for him!