Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Fashion at the Farm Show

TJ & I went to the farm show today. It had rained over night so it was a little squishy, but all in all a good day.

TJ had fun got to pet some animals and rode his first Amusement Park rides. He was super excited on the Helicopter ride. He was all grins, in fact he wouldn't get off. Thankfully the place wasn't crowded and the operator didn't care if he took another ride.

We started out the day in Jeans and Boots. He wanted to wear his rubber boots. I don't let him do this often because he knows he's allowed to jump in puddles if he's wearing his boots. However, I thought this could be fun so what the heck.

Within the first 20 feet, his jeans were soaked. They just got worse from there. He had a ball, he found every puddle there was and even wanted to try his feet in the pond. I had to draw the line there, I know mean mommy.

I let him eat what he wanted for lunch, Hot Dogs. He wolfed down one got up and went over to the concession stand. He stood there yelling up at the people ordering himself another one. The kid learns fast! He was polite about it. "EXCUSE ME, I NEED ANOTHER HOT DOG PEES. I EAT THE OTHER ONE, ALL DONE. EXCUSE ME, I NEED ANOTHER HOT DOG PEES. MAAUMM, I NEED ANOTHER HOT DOG, PEES, ONE MORE."

Too Cute, he got another hot dog.

So far he hasn't been sick. I'm kinda expecting some backlash from the day. The food he ate definitely wasn't on the approved diet list. But it was just one day, a kids gotta have fun. So I'll give extra Imodium tonight and tomorrow. We'll also keep him busy and hopefully he won't get sick later tonight. So far so good.

We cut down his Pepcid dose, he's been OK with it. I'm thinking we're going to make this transition OK.

So people at the farm show are very casual in their attire. I mean that's to be expected, they're shoveling poop and mud and handling animals. But the Sheep, they are decked out. I laughed at this. I'm sure there is purpose for it, but flames, really?

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