Sunday, June 22, 2008

Oh My God he just said what!

I always hear parents talk about the things their kids say in public. THere are shows about Kids saying the Darnedest things, it always happens.

Well, it happened for the first time to me. TJ & I were grocery shopping we got to the checkout which is really his problem spot. He likes to grab at anything, magazines, candy, the coolers, anything.

I tried to strategically place him and told him not to touch anything, I'd been so proud of how good he'd been, please don't make me mad. Sure enough I no sooner put 2 things on the belt and he's got magazines off the rack and hanging out of his hands. This is my luck, they rip and now I'm buying magazines, they weren't even good ones!

So I take them from him replace them on the shelf and sternly tell him he is disobeying and if he continues he will receive a punishment when we get home.

He proceeds to lean up and start yelling, "Beat my Butt Mommy, Beat my Butt" "punishment, punishment", "Beat my Butt Mommy". OK, now I don't beat his butt, in fact his usual punishment is 2 - 3 minutes on a chair for time out. But I have been known to threaten.

So I've got people looking at us and I'm thinking Great, I'm gonna be met at the door by security. TJ's laughing up in the front of the buggy, he's thinking he's so funny and really, he is. He's kinda chanting signing his phrases.

I'm sure this is mild in comparison with what some parents go through, I'm sure I'l go through worse, but it sure makes you aware of what you're saying.

I've got a mouth like a truck driver. I make my husband do double take when my mouth gets lit. I can curse and string it together, kinda like art. It's a beautiful thing to some people. Knowing his grasp on the english language, I'm going to really have to watch the mouth. I don't want my next moment to involve the F--- word. That just isn't cute coming from a 2 year old.