Tuesday, June 24, 2008

and the Thunder Rolls

We had some wicked storms come through last night. Wind blowing and lightening everywhere. There were times the thunder just rumbled and rumbled. It was a little unnerving. I kept looking out and around for a tornado or funnel cloud. It was that bad.

My big fear has been a bad storm comes through and we are left without electric or worse. I'm not worried about us surviving this, I'm worried about how I care for my son in this situation. Many of his meds require refrigeration, no electric for an extended period of time is not a good thing. If we have to evacuate I need to be sure I can grab all his meds quickly. He can't miss doses of his Immunosupressants. Missing doses will allow him to start rejecting and that can happen within a day or two. It doesn't take long.

So I've decided I need to have panic bags. One that is refrigerator one that is not. I'm compiling a list of everything I need to have in these bags or at least within an arms length of the bag.

Last night as soon as I thought it was getting bad, I pulled out our soft cooler and grabbed a cooler pack. I gathered all his cold meds and room temp meds and threw them in. Added a couple bottles of water and a clean bottle for him. I knew this wasn't a big deal, but if things got bad, I needed to know I had some essentials for a couple hours. I had a flashlight and his blankie and puppy too.

I know to some people this may sound extreme, but I gotta say the fear of my son not having life saving meds is a terrifying thought. What would we do? He has to have these meds, no questions, no conversation, period.

So you'll see on the side here, I've started to compile my lists of must haves.

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