Sunday, September 14, 2008

A step back in time

We're back at the hospital. TJ was having a pretty bad rejection, so in we came for steroid treatments.

This time around is so very different. In the past TJ has always been the life of the floor. He was always out of bed and chasing after his favorite nurse or doctor. THis time not at all. He is really upset about being back in the hospital. He doesn't want to see any nurse or doctor. In fact he tells them to "Get Out, Please" at least he's polite about it.

Being paged and interrupted, so I guess I'll try to finish this later.


Carly said...

Lori, TJ is in my prayers! Hang in there and I will keep your family in my thoughts.

Michelle said...

This has got to be hard for you to see in TJ. Poor guy, he so likes the regular routines you and he have and the life he has at home, no wonder he is grumpy in the hospital. I am keeping my fingers crossed that you are really going home today.

meneo said...

Greetings from Puerto Rico. People asked that there is no Miracles in this world, but you and your son ARE one of the best Miracles I ever see. God Bless you all